From one collector to another

First Phase Release: 2011 CollectA

The first round of the 2011 CollectA pieces has finally made it to the US distributor!  

They were delayed in shipping from China once or twice, and three times were opened, x-rayed and inspected as they came through customs and Homeland Security.  But now, the first batch of figures has arrived in the USA and should be in the DeJankins warehouse by the end of this week.

The importer cautioned that some items were shipped in reduced quantities (not sure what the reason was for that),

so it is very likely that some of these will quickly be out of stock.  

Of course, customers with outstanding orders for these figures will be served first, but at this time there are no details on which pieces will be temporarily rare.

Keep checking the store!  When the items are highlighted in the spreadsheets, that means they are here, ready and waiting for you!

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