From one collector to another

It all started at a gas station.


Dean Walker grew up as a Navy brat, living in a number of different places.  In a trip across Texas when he was four or five, his family stopped at a Sinclair gas station and there purchased Dean's first dinosaurs:  the set of six different Marx-sized figures in a plastic bag.  Today he still has some of those first collectibles, but sadly, the other pieces ended up in a lake in Newfoundland Canada. 

Fast forward a few decades to 1996 and the launch of DeJankins.  After gaining a substantial collection, Dean tired of paying full retail prices for the collectibles he loved.  He decided to start a business so he could buy figures at wholesale rates and then sell to friends and fellow collectors for less than retail price.  And that's what he's been doing for 20 years now.  Some years he turns a profit and some years it all comes out in the wash, but in the end he's able to provide model dinos from all over the world in a way that's friendlier for everyone's budget. 

Today, Dean and his homespun DeJankins business provide customers with models from Bullyland, CollectA, Geoworld, Kinto, Marolin, Mojö, Papo, Safari, and Schleich.  DeJankins is happy to supply an array of vintage, current and newly released models with top of the line customer service.

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