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Update on CollectA Figures: Phase 2

Procon Plateosaurus.png

Importers have been plagued with delays of the CollectA figures this year. Three delays and multiple inspections of the freight coming in with the first shipment caused several months of delays in those figures. The second phase figures were supposed to be in the US in April, but that was then pushed back to June. Three weeks ago, I was told that the pieces would be here last week or this week at the latest. It seems things have turned out differently.

I still hope for these figures to arrive soon, but don’t really know when they will be here. To compound the delay potential, I will be out of town from June 11-18. I’m hoping to have all shipments completed before going out of town, but that hinges on the figures arriving before I leave. I will update the site as soon as the package of CollectA figures arrive. I’m sorry for your wait and appreciate your patience!

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