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2011 Product Availability

DeJankins now has the following new items in stock, ready to ship your way:

  • Bullyland Spinophorosaurus, sculpted by Sven Kollhoff for the Naturhistorisches Museum
  • Wild Safari Kaprosuchus, Inostrancevia, Edmontosaurus and Prehistoric Sharks Toob
  • Safari Prehistoric Landscape items - Agathis Conifer, Tree Fern and Cycad
  • Papo Styracosaurus and Smilodon

The following items are expected to be available by the end of February:

  • CollectA Deluxe Rhomaleosuaurs and Kelenken
  • CollectA Standard Hatzegopteryx, Alamosaurus, Ampelosaurus, Lourinhanosaurus, Irritator and Attenborosaurus
  • Bullyland Dimetrodon and Dilophosaurus

Expected availability dates later in 2011:

  • Mid-April: Safari Prehistoric Crocodiles Toob; Wild Safari Tyrannosaurus, Carnegie Miragaia; remaining 2011 CollectA figures
  • Mid-May: Safari Carnegie Carnotaurus and Wild Safari Guanlong
  • June or July: Papo Ankylosaurus


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