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January 5, 2015 - two things happened that evening, the second putting an abrupt stop to the first.  That evening I was creating a new blog entry here to describe the 2015 offerings from the various manufacturers whose products you will find in our store.  The abrupt end of that blog, before it could be saved, was when the old DeJankins computer died.

It has been two months, and much has happened in the ten weeks since.  It is time to provide updates to you, our customers.

The "swimming" Spinosaurus from CollectA.

The "swimming" Spinosaurus from CollectA.

Product numbers and prices are finally available for the new "short-legged" Spinosaurus from CollectA.  As many already know, there will be three versions on this creature.  One is the Deluxe 1:40 figure, in a walking stance.  The others are standard sized figures (XL), one walking and the other shown swimming.  Prices will be $21, $11, and $11 for them respectively.  The current estimate of their availability is June.

All 2015 Safari Ltd. items have been out since the new year started and the Papo Apatosaurus and Tupuxuara are now available.  The second of Papo's Mini-Tub of Dinosaurs will not be out until summer.  The Schleich Kentrosaurus, Anhanguera, and eight mini-dinosaurs are all in stock.  The remaining Schleich World of History figures (large and small) are expected later this summer.  Bullyland has NO new prehistoric figures for 2015.

The first half of this years figures from CollectA should be arriving any day now, and the remaining pieces are expected this summer.  The Kinto fish and mammals (Dunkleosteus, Anomaolocaris, Smilodon, and Woolly Mammoth) have been stuck in customs for some time.  Hopefully they will soon be ready for shipping to retailers.  Mojö is still looking for a North American importer/distributor.  The Canadian importer decided not to continue with Mojö just as the US importer did several years ago.  DeJankins will not be getting the new 2015 Mojö dinosaurs until they have their new distributor.

GeoWorld is rebranding the Jurassic Hunters figures, now calling their items by the name of their new "Dr. Steve Hunters" character.  The six prehistoric marine reptiles are expected this summer, and we hope to see the six crocodiles and early reptiles by the end of the year.

As you might have heard, Safari Ltd. and the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh have parted ways.  For collectors, the main outcome from that decision was the immediate retiring of the entire Safari Carnegie Collection.  New figure development for this line has ceased as has production of all figures in the collection.  DeJankins has all current Carnegie dinosaur figures in stock, along with about twenty of their retired pieces, some going back to the early 1990's.  If you delayed purchasing any of these figures, you might want to get them while you can.  It can be expected that prices will rise dramatically on these figures as time passes.  No more are being made, and what remains in store stocks will only decrease with the passing of time.  Check out our stock and our really good prices, many still below MSRP.

Of course, with the demise of the Safari Carnegie collection, one could see two silver linings in that cloud.  First would be that Safari Ltd. will want to replace that line with a new line of dinosaurs.  And the Carnegie Museum will also need a new line to anchor their gift shops.  We may find that moving the Safari Carnegie Collection to retirement may mean two new lines may rise from those ashes.  And let's not forget that Jurassic World will be on us in less than three months with all of it's attendant merchandise.

Lastly, there has been no definite word on the next batch of Battat Terra dinosaurs nor of the re-release of the old Boston Museum of Science figures.  Our best goes out to Dan LoRusso, their creator, as he perseveres through radiation treatments.


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