From one collector to another

20 - Twentieth - 20%

Things - they are a changin' . . . just a little

Change is a major constant that we must live with.  With the departure of 2015 and the arriving of 2016, the change of the calendar brings a new anniversary onto the landscape.  Twenty years is generally considered a milestone in almost all areas of life.  Biological age, years of marriage, the age of a car . . . 20 is a magical number for many things.  And so it is for a business.

In 1996, DeJankins was born, so this new year will mark 20 years of dino-business.  And here we are, dressing up our "low-tech" website as part of the celebration.  You have, no doubt, seen some of the changes.  More are on the way.  We've had a successful first 20 years, accomplishing what we set out to do in 1996, and we're hoping to have another 20 of continuing that tradition.  If you aren't familiar with what our goal was for this company, check out the "About" DeJankins page.

Since we have finally received all the 2015 releases (some just days before Christmas), and since the first wave of 2016 figures are now in stock, it is time to mention one of the things we plan on doing for the entire year to celebrate our 20th anniversary.  Every 20th order which we receive, we will automatically discount by 20%.  And you can know if you are the 20th order by checking your invoice number.  If it is an even multiple of 20 (for example 1680, 1700, 1720), then you will receive the discount.  Pretty easy.

And so, here at the end of 2015, DeJankins wishes our 360+ customers a wonderful 2016!  Can't wait to get our hands on all those 2016 prehistoric figures!!

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