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Safari 2011 Releases

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The big news right now is the announcement from Safari Ltd. which names the prehistoric figures they are adding to their various lines for 2011.  Almost all of these figures are first time collectible representations of these animals.

There are two new Toobs for next year – Prehistoric Sharks and Prehistoric Crocodiles.  Each toob has ten species included.  Though I have not yet found an official listing of their names, I have found a couple of “unofficial” lists.  They describe the figures as follows:

  • Prehistoric Sharks – Cretoxyrhina, Cladoselache, Edestus, Helicoprion, Hybodus, Ornithoprion, Orthacanthus, Scapanorhynchus, Stethacanthus, and Xenacanthus
  • Prehistoric Crocodiles – Champsosaurus, Chasmatosaurus, Dakosaurus, Dematosuchus, Euparkeria, Montealtosuchus, Postosuchus, Pristichampsus, Rutiodon validus, and Sarcosuchus

Safari is creating a new series for next year – their Prehistoric Landscapes collection.  There are three new plants for your prehistorics to munch on – the Agathis Conifer, Tree Fern, and Cycad.

For the Carnegie Collection – two newbies for 2011 – the long-necked Stegosaur Miragaia in 1:30 scale (almost ten inches long) and the Carnotaurus.

And perhaps the most exciting additions – five new figures in the Wild Safari line – Tyrannosaurus, Kaprosuchus, Guanlong, Inostrancevia, and Edmontosaurus.  The figures range in size from five inches to just over eight inches.

Of course, we’ll have these all as soon as Safari Ltd. begins shipping these items.  It will not be for at least another four months or more, but as soon as they arrive, we’ll let you know here at!

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