From one collector to another

New Lines for DeJankins!


News: DeJankins is picking up two new lines to add to its inventory of quality dinosaur collectibles for you!

First up - the Favorites Collection pieces from Kinto are in transit to DeJankins and should be here within a week or so. This includes all the original figures as well as the new 2011 Spinosaurus! Prices are looking good for these “must have” figures. The two Sauropods (Brachiosaurus and Apatosaurus) will be only $19.50 each. Spinosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus and Triceratops are $13.50, Ankylosaurus $12.50, Allosaurus, Styracosaurus and Parasaurolophus $11.50, and Pachycephalosaurus, Pteranodon, Deinonychus and Plesiosaurus $10 each. 

We will get these photos up on the website soon, but until then check them out in the store. If you want any of the other items that Kinto produces, let us know. It’s very possible we could get those for you as well.

The other big news is that DeJankins is now offering the wonderful dinosaur sculptures from Sideshow Collectibles. These are beautiful, large pieces that would grace anyone’s collection. As you’ve come to expect at DeJankins, you’ll save money on these items by buying here! The Sideshow Apatosaurus - $260, V-rex - $210, Protoceratops vs. Velociraptor - $235 and Parasaurolophus herd - $270. These figures are currently available. The Stegosaurus is on pre-order status now. His cost will be $315. Contact us for details!

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