From one collector to another

A word to our customers . . .

For the past 20 years, DeJankins has been true to one of its original objectives, that of providing quality prehistoric collectibles to our friends and fellow collectors.  It is with some amount of frustration that I must make you aware of a change in the prices of some of the products carried by DeJankins.

In recent years, some of our suppliers have developed "Minimum Advertising Price” or MAP policies.  Basically, they require resellers of their products to only advertise and sell their products at or above a “minimum price”.  The policies generally say something about the supplier not setting our prices, but that is really erased by the fact that they will refuse to sell their products to retailers who do not abide by their MAP policy.

So, you will see increases in a number of the products offered in the DeJankins “store” on our website.  Rest assured, the prices you see for those products are the minimum that we are allowed to advertise.   This was not a decision we made lightly.  Much thought was given to this, and much counsel sought before deciding to increase our prices on those products affected by the MAP policies.

It is our hope that the increases we have had to make will not drive our friends and fellow collectors away.  But then, where else would you go?  These policies are not only affecting DeJankins, but every reseller of products from these suppliers.  Other retailers may offer products at less than MAP prices, but they run the very real risk of losing access to those products in the long run.  For DeJankins, we do not want to limit our offerings in that way.

If you have comments or questions, please feel free to send us an email, we’d be happy to talk with you about this.

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