From one collector to another

"Excuse me, would you have any PNSO dinosaurs?"

Sampling of PNSO Dinosaurs and models

DeJankins has received requests from several customers to investigate the possibility of adding the PNSO dinosaurs to our inventory of prehistoric collectibles.  We have determined that the possibility is quite good!  But before we can proceed on with this endeavor, we must assess the level of support we can expect from our DeJankins customer base.

The current listing of PNSO items that we are considering includes the following:

- Vinyl models of Basilosaurus, Chungkingosaurus, Megalodon, Huayangosaurus, Mamenchisaurus, and Tsintaosaurus

- Vinyl figures of Euhelopus, Shantungosaurus, Lufengosaurus, Mandschurosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, and Huanghetitan

- "Little Dinosaurs" set of six with book and additional 18 new "Little Dinosaurs"

In the past when we have polled for interest about new items (for example, Rebor), we had very little response.  If we have less than a dozen responses to these PNSO pieces, we will not be able to carry them in our store.  We'll wait for a couple of weeks to see what happens.

I have not mentioned price as I am still waiting on information from the company.  There is already a source for these figures in the United States, and our prices would almost certainly be less than those at the other retailer.  But the margin is not a great one in most cases.  But the number of available unique items would be more than they currently list.  Please email us  to let us know of your interest in the PNSO line of prehistorics.  Thanks!

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