From one collector to another

So, when can we expect to see . . . ?


(updated February 18, 2014)

We had an unusual start to the 2014 Dinosaur Collectible season as all of the Safari Ltd. prehistoric items arrived before the new year did!  That has not been the case with any of the other manufacturers.  In fact, the delays that we became so accustomed to seeing last year and the year before have already begun for this year.

Papo has announced that their three new figures, the Archaeopteryx, Dilophosaurus, and young Triceratops have been pushed back from February, March, and April respectively to April, July, and September!  So, we should probably not continue holding our breath.

The two new Bullyland Museum Line figures - Lambeosaurus lambei and Europasaurus holgeri are still expected to be here at DeJankins sometime before the end of February.  Many of you may know of the new Protochirotherium which Bullyland has produced for a museum in Germany.  We at DeJankins are doing what we can to get a supply of these figures to have in stock for you here.  Check back later for updates on this effort.

This first wave of CollectA figures for 2014 are not scheduled to make port in the USA until the end of February or first of March.  By the time they clear customs and are put into inventory by the importer, they expect to have them to us at DeJankins by the third or fourth week of March.

Estimates from Schleich for their four new World of History Dinosaurs (new Tyrannosaurus rex and Velociraptor, Therizinosaurus, and Pentaceratops) is still May.  We will see.

We are all still waiting for the 3rd Expedition (and now also the 4th Expedition) figures from GeoWorld's Jurassic Hunters line.  The prehistoric mammals were supposed to have been ready last year but were delayed because of production issues.  New estimates we have just received are that the 3rd Expedition (prehistoric mammals) will be ready in June.  The estimate for the 4th Expedition figures (prehistoric "sea reptiles" and crocodiles, and the "before dinosaurs" figures) is expected to be 4th quarter (but could go into next year).

Mojö has told us that there will not be any new dinosaurs for 2014 but to expect half a dozen for 2015.  DeJankins will be getting the Mojö Tylacine and Quagga figures in stock soon ( will probably arrive in March).

We are not aware of any new offerings from Kinto for 2014.  We do have some other Kinto items in stock such as the keychain figures and Skull erasers.  Checkout our store for what we have.

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