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GeoWorld 3rd Expedition Now a 2014 Expectation

According to the Director of Sales and Marketing for GeoWorld USA, we have this sad news: 

“Unfortunately, given some production issues in China, we have postponed the release of 3rd Expedition until sometime early 2014.” 

Sad news indeed about these 18 very anticipated prehistoric mammal figures. Of course, as soon as they are available, you will be able to get them from us here at DeJankins.

The most recent word on the availability of the Papo Dimetrodon:  

“I have some bad news, item 55033 (Dimetrodon) was scheduled to be released in June, but Papo has advised that we will not be receiving this item in our warehouse (US Distributor) until early to mid August.”

Well, early August is only a few days away and mid August is only a couple of weeks from now, so that news is easier to bear.

And regarding the final 2013 figures to be seen, the CollectA dinosaurs from Procon: 

“CollectA June releases were being produced for the month of June 2013. Our shipping container is scheduled to ship July 15th. It takes 30 days overseas to receive the container, anticipated mid August 2013. We are to begin shipping orders end of August or beginning of September.”

It seems that delays are the name of the game right now. But we have waited this long .... we’ll just have to wait a bit longer.


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